"Life's little moments.."-Kjerstn Michelle

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catching Up...

Where to start, haha
i know i said i'd keep this up to date but sometimes life gets a little crazy and i forget all about my poor little blog!
So lets catch up!
As of now im still living in St.George and working at The Riverwalk Grill and loving it!
I am also So very happy to announce that i am moving to Provo with my best friend Kjerstn! After a girls night to see The Justin Bieber we decided to move together :) i am beyond excited and cant wait for it to happen! We will be moving in July and attending Utah Valley University, where we will have the Cutest apartment in Wolverine Crossing. Its going to be an absolutely amazing time in my life and i cant wait to spend it with such an amazing friend!

Dear UVU,

love, Kj & Jay!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So like i said im working at a restaurant and absolutely loving it!
i work with a small and amazing group of people, i think I've decided to nick name them all in the stories i write. :)

Moviinnngg onn..

So while workin at the Riverwalk, i have met some pretty awesome people.
From a 90 year old man named Leon who wrote his entire life story into a book!, To a cute little lady named Dot who has adopted all of us working in the restaurant as her grandkids!
Along with those Two cute little people who i ADORE...I have also met some...lets just call them "interesting" People. :)
Included in that group are a group of older gentleman that come in every Saturday after a long game of golf and...well..i would say drink...but its more like..DRIINNKK BEEER!! You see, we have a bar in the restaurant and they sure do take advantage of it.
"Can we get 2 pitchers of Beer?!"
Its all fun and games until their wives come and take them home. haha.

Also included in that group is a guy we call big John. This man is a CHARACTER. and i do believe he's dating more then one pretty lady in the retirement community, he's always on dates and or just likes to walk in look around and leave.

All in all, I LOVE IT!


Woah! Its been a LOONNNGG time, entirly too long i think.
So much has changed since i made this blog. My goal is to keep up on it now! ha (we'll see how this goes, wont we. ;))

Well lets see, whats up in my life? SOO MUCH! ha. I am now a Freshman at dixie college, getting my generals done and then going into design!
I am dating One of the most amazing people i have ever met, His name is ...get this..Jordan. ya ya ya..laugh...you done?...Oh good! :)
im also working as a hostess at a reastruant which i LOVE. The reastrant is located on a retirement commuity's golf course so i deal with mainly oldy-but-goodie type people.

Basically im loving it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Real world crap!

So i totally have no idea how this whole BLOG thing works, so you might have to bare with me for a little bit until i get it under control...k? K thanks!

Well, to anyone who knows me and is probably wondering what the crap im doing with my life since i just moved BACK home from California and really dont have TOO much going on...well..thats just it! i dont have TOO much going on, Im looking for a job and hanging out with friends...Some old and some new!
California was an AMAZING experience. I like to think i grew up a little bit, my mother might tell you different tho. I learned that taking care of kids is a HELL of a work out, Tennis is harder then swinging a stick, and rich, French boys are bad news, and as much as I've always thought California would be the place for me....i have now found myself wondering if thats true. I love it as a place to visit, but not as a place that i could see myself living, raising a family, and settling down...Unless i win the lottery or somthing! In that case I'll just buy a house on the beach and be the nice old lady next door with the little dog! Yeaaahh..that sounds like the life to me :) anyways tho, i also learned that food doesnt just appear on its own, living at home i can just go in the pantery and food will magically be there! its like i have a little food fairy that brings stuff to the shelves, its amazing! Living on my own my fridge was pretty bare most the time! and HOLY crap..do you know how expensive buying food is? i had to bargain and think "do i need this, or want this" with every purchase...Now i realize how spoiled i am here at home. I dont starve! The real world is not a place i was very found of back in CA.
aaahhh..the joys of growing up! All in All im happy to be home to my mom, i've realized that 18 is a tender age and i need her now, more then ever.